I’m Diana, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Switzerland. My life takes place between the border of three countries, cool isn’t it? But my fixed residence is in Germany.
Since 2012 I have been working for neko interactive studio. I dedicate myself to make content mainly for children, but I also do graphic design, animations, web design and interior design. I like to draw and create stories professionally. 
I dedicate my free time to continue illustrating and learning. I am known for my colourful palette and my happy crazy character design. Humor is for me really important. I find that I am happiest when creating something funny or playful. I believe in the power of tenderness to make us better humans.
At the moment I am not available for freelance work. If you are an agent or a company please send me an email here
I have a shop! Yeah! ​​​​​​​
My mission:
Fill up the world with meaningful, colourful illustrations.
My way:
Work Hard - Keep Learning
My promise to you:
I will ALWAYS do my BEST.
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